Remodeled historic community church to double size of the sanctuary and meet ADA standards.

PERS 2 1

Commercial 1

Rann Haight Project Designer – under the employ of Dreyfus & Blackford Architectural Group.  

Back up File 5-13-2005 190

Architecture 2

This 4 bedroom home was one of Rann’s first designs, working with the clients, producing working drawings and supervising construction.

Private Home 2

Architecture 3

Award winning 3 bedroom lake front home which functions as a primary residence.

nite 9-20-05

Architecture 4

This 16,000 square foot lake front home was designed with a Tuscan theme as per client request, as an entertainment mecca and home office.

Williams 2008 102

Architecture 6

This 4500 square foot bungalow was designed to comply with stringent covenants conditions and restrictions set by the developer in regards to site coverage, sight lines from adjacent lots, and preservation of existing trees. These criteria were best met with arts and crafts style structure. All of the exposed roof beams and purlins are structural.